Autobiographical PoemsHomeName Cinquain

Funny, athletic
Runs, eats, sleeps
Likes to play baseball

Poem Template

First Line: Name,
Second Line: Two words, describing person
Third Line: Three words, expressing actions of person
Fourth Line: Four words, expressing a feeling
Fifth Line: Another word or synonym for the title

Portrait Poems

Give an unused role of toilet paper to the students – have them tear off some. When this is done, go around the circle and have the students say one thing about themselves for every sheet they have taken.

Share autobiographical poem about self. Open the floor for questions about self, or why you made certain choices. Pose the question – “Are there any juicy, million dollar words in this poem? Can you find them?" Add these descriptive words to the wall chart in the classroom.

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Short and Sweet

Short, freckled, brown-eyed, energetic

Mother of Joy, Jennifer, and Peter

Lover of music, friends, and animals

Who feels peaceful when kayaking on the lake

Who needs friends, family, and time to reflect

Who gives smiles, hugs, and encouragement

Who fears heights, being alone, and mice

Who would like to visit South America

Who dreams of learning to speak Spanish

Resident of Sutton Street, Fredericton