Building Perspective: Math and Visual Arts

  • How long is an earthworm?
  • Check out this site to find out - Earthworms
  • You will see that there are great variations in length.
  • Pretend the earth worm is 5 cm long. How many earth worms would you have to lay end to end to be as tall as you are?
  • Cut pieces of yarn 5 cm long. Lie down on the ground and have a friend see how many pieces of yarn it takes to be as long as you are.
  • Now take a large sheet of paper and trace your body. Draw the earthworm along side of your body. What do you look like in comparison to the earthworm?
  • Measure other things in the room - What things would be about the same size as an earthworm? What things would be larger? What things would be smaller? Add some of these objects to your picture.
  • Can you imagine what it might be like to be an earthworm? Ask your teacher to read "The Diary of an Worm" by Doreen Cronin. Home