Drum Tales

(adapted from “Jamnasium” by Kalani)
In this warm-up activity students close their eyes and take part in visualization. Following this, the students open their eyes and share their stories with a partner. Allow several students to share their stories with the circle.

Close your eyes and rub the top of the drum with the palm of your hand as you take a deep breath. As you feel the breath enter your body allow your mind to begin to float as if a cloud in the sky. Pretend you are riding on the cloud looking down and seeing the past, present and future. Focus on the past, back to when your drum was created. Your drum has a unique beginning and a very special place in this world. Can you imagine the beginnings of your drum? Where was it created? What was it made from? Who made it? In your mind’s eye, follow the journey your drum has taken. Focus in on one or two special events. Float down to that particular time and place. Where is your drum? What purpose it is filling in life? Who is playing it? What are they playing? Observe the details of the place and the people who are there. Where you are ready, open your eyes, and be ready to share your story with your partner.


Provide time for students to write their stories in a journal. For those who are interested they might want to continue writing the history of their drum. Taking old books and using gesso on the pages will create an interesting journal. You might want to pair up with the classroom teacher to create a music/literacy project.