Name Pictures
What is important about a name? (some people are named after someone important in their life, some people are given names because of what they mean, way back in history people were given last names based upon their occupation (Carpenter), based upon their relationship with their father (son of Morris became Morrison)

Name Drawing

The student writes their first name and/or last name. They turn several of the letters into an activity or picture that describes who they are. (The teacher should provide the students with a sample of her/his own name).


Allow students to form small groups of two or three and share their name drawings. Allow several students to share with the whole class. Put these name drawings on the bulletin board outside the literacy classroom.

Put sticky notes below each name picture. As students are finished other work encourage them to write descriptive words below the "name pictures". Model this process for students as a "think aloud". For example - "When I look the Tom's name picture, I see a pair of sneakers, a soccer ball, and a bike. This makes me think that Tom is active, and athletic. I will write these two descriptive words under his name."