"The Diary of a Worm" by Doreen Cronin

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This is a delightful book, suitable for early elementary grades which introduces students to journal or diary writing, and writing from a "different point of view". Below you will find several links to lesson plans based on this book.

Lesson One
This lesson focuses on: Reading Comprehension, Story Elements, and Journal Writing.

Lesson Two: Duration 1 week
This lesson provides a interesting follow-up to the Lesson One as it introduces students to research, and writing journal entries from the perspective of other animals.

Lesson Three
This lesson uses the book to allow students to distinguish between fact or fiction. There are four lessons in the series. There are two graphic organizers that are very useful in this lesson.

Lesson Four
This lesson, suitable for grades 3-5, students use character, setting, and plot to make up their own versions of the story events using a comic strip format.